Almost Maine (In Virginia)

Readers of this site living near Tysons Corner, Virginia, have a chance to check out a play directed by one of my former interviewees, magician Michael Chamberlin. However, time is running out because the play’s last night is this Sunday, February 26.

Michael sent me a link to 1st Stage Theatre which is hosting “Almost, Maine” — a play he’s directing. In addition to being a magician, Michael told me when we met in November 2009 that his other passion is being a stage director.

Here’s the play’s description from the theatre’s website: “Northern lights play with the affairs of mortals in the small snowy town of Almost, Maine, where hearts are made of slate and love comes in bags. The residents fall in and out of love, wounding and healing with often unexpected and comic results. For anyone who’s ever loved, lost or had a crush, these nine tales are a breath of whimsical warmth for winter hearts.”

Based off the reviews posted on the 1st Stage Theatre website  the play is a hit with critics. Hoping to get a chance to check it out myself this weekend.

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