Keeping Up With The Lincolns

Another excuse to make an old article relevant! Yay!

In February last year I had dinner with Michael Krebs and Debra Ann Miller, who make a living acting as Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary Todd. They were fantastic company, and both had interesting stories about their careers on stage.

Why am I mentioning the interview more than a year later? Well, Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln is now in cinemas in the United States, so it seemed pertinent. Also, it’s an excuse for an update without having to provide fresh content. Anyway, if you give my interview with the Lincolns a read, feel free to also check out Michael’s website which has more recent articles saying nice things about the couple.

Oh, and that thing I said about getting the 46th interview up by November 16? Just pretend that didn’t happen. But it will be online this weekend, so hooray for that.

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