New Year’s Resolutions

A new year has started and my resolutions success rate is already spotty at best.

I’ve already done one dinner interview in 2013, part of what I hope will be a fulfilled goal of completing more than the five interviews from 2012. But I’ve also not started on transcribing it even though it was more than a week ago, signaling that my resolution to more quickly turnaround articles is off to a shaky start.

Oh well. There’s another 11 months to try improving.

Still, the first interview of the year will be online this month — and as an added bonus it will feature a musical number or two. Woohoo!

Meantime I have updated my travel plans for 2013, so check out where I’m heading between now and December. If you live in one of those locations and want to sit down to dinner for an interview then simply send me a meal request.

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