Actor and former dinner interviewee Jack Fry is getting great reviews for his one-man show “Einstein!” in which he plays the eponymous scientist as he describes his push to prove his theory of relativity.

Jack and I had dinner one night in December 2009, after I saw his other one-man show “They Call Me Mister Fry.” That play was based on his real-life experience as a teacher in South Central Los Angeles. It was a great show, with Jack deftly portraying several characters in a story that never once lost my attention.

During my interview with Jack in New York City, I learned that when he’s off stage he’s just as interesting and charismatic as when he’s performing.

I haven’t had the chance to see “Einstein!” but based on the reviews on the show’s website, I’ll make a point to see it should Jack end up performing anywhere near Washington, DC.

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