Impulse: Patience: Discipline

There are two reasons I know Michael Wilkinson.

First is that he’s one of the founders of Washington, DC-based pizza chain Pete’s Apizza, which specializes in New Haven-style pizzas. Michael was one of the first people to do an interview for this site, meeting me for lunch at the company’s Columbia Heights location in May 2009.

Second is that he’s an avid architectural photographer and I enjoy following his Instagram account. We also have a knack of bumping into each other randomly in the District. Anyway, he’s using his love of photography to host a show in DC this Saturday November 12 that will feature “very rare, original silver-gelatin prints by world-famous architectural photographer Julius Shulman.”

Here’s a description of the event courtesy of Michael:

In this show, we walk back from instant-gratification iPhone/Instagram photos (IMPULSE), through 35mm “36 shots per roll” photographs (PATIENCE), all the way to “one-chance” large-format photographs from world-famous architectural photographer Julius Shulman (1910-2009) and Baltimore-based photographer Adam Davies (DISCIPLINE). Wilkinson also presents a group of hybrid photographs, in which he takes a digital photograph of the ground glass of his 8×10 view camera.

Again, the show is this Saturday and is taking place at the 410 GooDBuddY exhibit space, which is located at 410 Florida Avenue NW. Go check it out!

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