A Very Merry Margarita Christmas

The most festive interview I’ve done so far for this site was in December 2011 when I got dinner with Ed Downey, who for years has performed as Santa Claus. He had plenty of interesting things to say about his unusual job, as well as his adventure-filled life.

But a few years before that, I had a great evening (and perhaps one glass of wine too many) with Cuban singing sensation Margarita Pracatan where we sang a bunch of Christmas songs. Margarita is like no-one I’ve met before or since — a non-stop explosion of excitement, laughter, friendliness, and a style of singing and piano-playing that can best be described as one-of-a-kind. She was my second-ever dinner interview, and a few months after we had dined together, we reunited for our night of festive music.

In lieu of any bigger updates this year for the holiday season, here’s Margarita and me singing some well-know Yuletide songs. I apologize in advance to your ears for my complete tone-deaf approach to “singing” them.

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas

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