Strangers In New Orleans

Later today, I fly to New Orleans for my annual Labor Day holiday — and I’m looking for strangers to interview. If you live in the city, or know someone that lives there and would be great to interview, get in touch.

I’ve had some great interviews in the city, covering a wide range of stories from the host of a long-running radio show dedicated to the great restaurant scene in New Orleans to a classical cellist who plays with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, and from the curator of one of the city’s several voodoo museums to a doctor who stayed behind after Hurricane Katrina to help deal with the aftermath.

Here are the dinners I’ve had in the city, listed from oldest to most recent:

#12 Jerry Gandolfo, curator of the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum

#13 Buzzy “Beano” Langford, part of the well-known cover band The Topcats

#21 Mary Millan, a voodoo priestess

#49 Tom Fitzmorris, host of The Food Show on local radio

#50 Josh & Natalie Harvey, owners of the since-closed t-shirt company Storyville

#58 Mary Burns, a zydeco dance teacher

#59 Daniel Lelchuk, assistant principal cellist for the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra

#67 Brobson Lutz, a popular city doctor who’s lived in the city for decades

#80 A reunion meal with Buzzy, Mary and Brobson to discuss the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

So far I have one interview lined up while I’m there. I’ll be in the Crescent City until the afternoon of Tuesday September 5, so either click here to book a dinner online or send me a message at

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