Interview 104: The Future Of Environmental Justice

For 24 years, Mustafa Santiago Ali was an employee of the Environmental Protection Agency, working on environmental justice (EJ). Also known as environmental equity, EJ generally refers to addressing the disproportionate adverse impacts of industrial pollution on low-income and minority communities. It’s a cause that is personal for Mustafa, but one that he sees facing a major challenge.

When President Donald Trump took office, Mustafa felt it was time to leave the agency. He resigned last March, and now works with the Hip Hop Caucus getting artists and entertainers to promote awareness about EJ and other social and political issues.

During dinner in Washington, DC, Mustafa talked about how the EJ movement has evolved over the last few decades, the challenges that he sees it facing under the Trump administration and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, and the potential future of EJ.

Click here or on the picture above of Mustafa and me to read the full interview.

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