Interview 105: Talking Wine With André Hueston Mack

André Hueston Mack is a busy man. The sommelier turned wine company owner has a packed schedule that includes touring the country to visit the vineyards that supply his wine, giving motivational talks highlighting how he took chances to get to his current position, writing a memoir, and getting ready to open his own wine bar.

It’s a schedule that sees him flying around the States and sometimes overseas every week. But I got lucky one weekend in New York City when he said he had time to meet for a dinner interview.

We got dinner at Mu Ramen in Long Island City, just across the river from Manhattan. That’s where he told me about growing up in New Jersey and abroad (his parents were military officers), and how he first switched from a lucrative financial sector job to pursuing his passion for wine. It’s a journey that includes being named the first African-American to win Best Young Sommelier of the Year, and now head of his own wine company.

Click on the picture above or on this link to read my interview with André.

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