Meet The Freaky Boiz

Meet Pierre Phipps and Terrance Wilson, also known as the rap duo Freaky Boiz.

They’re gay artists who met in a high school dance class in Chicago, and went to college together in Illinois. That’s the time when, just for their own amusement, they made a video rapping verses about their sex lives. They posted it online, not expecting anything major. It blew up overnight, and since then they’ve developed Freaky Boiz into a hugely successful full-time career.

The duo moved to Los Angeles a few years ago, and Terrance and Pierre continue to make their mark on the music industry with the Freaky Boiz, with big plans for the future. We met for dinner on a Saturday night in Pasadena where the hilarious best friends told me their story.

Click on the picture above of me with the Freaky Boiz to read the interview, or this link.

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