Throwback Thursday 3: The Eager Beaver Diva With The Unconstricted Boa

My third dinner interview was in December 2008, my first time meeting Margarita Pracatan, a Cuban singer living in New York who found fame performing the closing numbers for the Clive James talk show in England back in the 1990s. After I started this site, I knew I wanted to find out more about her life and career.

It’s hard to overstate just how fun and welcoming Margarita was to a complete stranger. After dinner she invited me to her place where we drank white wine and made a couple of music videos — those are featured in the interview.

And here’s a clip of Margarita from the height of her popularity in the UK.

On some trips to New York I still swing by Margarita’s apartment for wine (a little less now I’m getting older) and I’m happy to report she hasn’t changed at all. I love this woman.

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