Throwback Thursday #4: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Franklin

If you’ve not read it yet, the 117th dinner is online — it’s my lunch with actresses Jane Lynch and Kate Flannery. It took place last month in West Hollywood, California, and I discovered (and wrote) a lot, including to never sit Jane by a window without blinds, and that, like a Brit, Kate says “sorry” for anything and everything

Meanwhile, here’s the fourth Throwback Thursday. In February 2009 I had an enjoyable dinner at Philadelphia’s City Tavern with Ralph Archbold, a professional Ben Franklin impersonator. He had some fun stories to share about how he accidentally fell into the role, and the adventures he had along the way.

Sadly, Ralph (a lovely guy) died in 2017. I’m grateful to have shared a meal with him, and embedded in the article you can hear him perform as Franklin telling a charming story.

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