Share Your Business Failures

There’s an organization in Washington, DC, called FuckUp Nights that features people sharing their stories of business failures. Back in July 2015 I had dinner with the group’s Meredith Denbow who talked about the benefits of openly talking about personal catastrophes. And now they’re looking for speakers for their next event this spring.

The events (learn more on the FuckUp Nights Facebook page) provide a laid-back atmosphere for presenters to talk about a business flop in their life and what they learned from it, and for the audience to ask questions of the speakers.

Meredith told me her preference is for a variety in genders, backgrounds and industries among the presenters — everything from experiences with technology companies to the food sector, and from real estate to financial planning. “We want a fair representation of the entrepreneurial scene in the district, especially because of social enterprise being so large here,” she said. “I think a lot of people move here to do good for their communities and it’s really awesome when they’re able to turn that into their job, so we really want that to be represented as well.”

Anyone interested should email FuckUp Nights at to take part.

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