Interview 118: Tired Old Queen At The Movies

Every month on the YouTube series “Tired Old Queen at the Movies” actor Steve Hayes shares his love for old movies with five-to-10 minute videos adlibbing about classic features. He covers everything from the characters to the stories of the actors playing them, from the social themes in the plot to the importance of the score at pivotal plot points, and more. And sometimes he just tells viewers when he thinks an actor is cute.

Steve’s movie recaps are filled with earnest humor, an encyplopedic knowledge of cinema, and a palpable love for the movies that helps explain why his series continues to grow in popuarlity — he’s closing in on 10,000 followers for his YouTube channel.

Earlier this month we met at the restaurant Elmo in Manhattan for the 118th dinner interview with a stranger.

Over brunch, Steve told me what first got him interested in movies, and how a lengthy career as a performer led to his latest role as the “Tired Old Queen at the Movies” (he came up with the title).

Click on the picture of Steve above, or on this link, to read about our brunch.

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