Throwback Thursday: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The wonderful show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend finished last week. I had the honor of interviewing a few cast members for Dining With Strangers during the last few years, so for Throwback Thursday here’s an ICYMI list of breakfasts and lunches with them. Back to the sequential TBTs next week!

The first was before the show aired. In October 2014 I met actor Michael Hitchcock for lunch at Taste on Melrose​ to talk about his work on Glee, Christopher Guest movies and more. A year later he was a writer and exec producer on CEG, and joined the cast as Bert.

Up next, meeting Santino Fontana​ and his wife Jessica Fontana for lunch in New York at since-closed Henry’s on Broadway. We dined in March 2017 after Santino had quit the show and his role as Greg. He talked about CEG, and he and Jess discussed their busy lives on the stage.

In September last year I met Erick Lopez, who played Hector in the show, for breakfast at Lindenwood Diner​ to learn about how he got started as an actor, and to discuss his great podcast Erick López Explains.

One month later I was in LA for lunch with Donne Lynne Champlin at Messhall Kitchen​. We talked at such length that it led to a two-part article, the first part focusing on her love of metaphysics and how that led to her acting career.

In part two, Donna Lynne talked about her long list of work on stage and screen — including as Paula in CEG — and some of her favorite stories from life as an actress. We also chatted about her amazing work as a singer in the show, her own album, and more.

I’m hugely grateful for the interviews and hope in the future to maybe add some more cast and crew to the list! Though I don’t exactly move in the world of PR reps and talent agents so if any happen it’ll be through of a bit of luck like the ones I’ve done.

Finally, Rachel Bloom​ and Aline Brosh McKenna thank you for this absolute gem of a show that has meant so much to me; for four seasons of hilarity, heartbreak, heartwarming and other words beginning with H, and for how you portrayed mental health issues. I miss it already ❤️

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