Meet The Crumble Lady

Here’s your chance to meet singer-songwriter Lorraine Bowen, known to many in the UK as “The Crumble Lady” because of her quirky song about making a crumble (an English dessert). I met her for dinner in London in January 2013, and loved learning about how she got started in music and what inspires her joyful, off-the-wall songs. Two years later she made it to the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent with “The Crumble Song,” and since then has penned a children’s book titled “The Crumble Lady.” That’s a lot of crumble.

For any British readers in or near Dulwich, Lorraine will be reading from her book and performing some songs on June 8 at Dulwich Library. It appears from the event page that it’s free, and you get to take a selfie with Lorraine.

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