Throwback Thursday 22: Gay For Pay

Throwback Thursday 22 is one of the most-read interviews on my site; lunch in Los Angeles with gay for pay porn actor and escort Malachi Marx (not his real name) back in July 2010. The original version of the article on the old Dining With Strangers site had a lot of comments. My clumsy transfer to the new site design sadly saw most of them vanish.

Malachi, then 25, talked about how financial pressure led him into gay porn, and about his desire to quit the business. We’d planned to meet at a restaurant in West Hollywood, but he suggested he could talk more freely at his place. So for once there’s no real mention of a restaurant in this piece, because we just picked up sandwiches from a nearby delicatessen.

After the interview posted, he got a lot of grief online about his negative views on being a straight man doing gay porn, but we emailed and spoke after the interview and he stood by his quotes (I use a tape recorder for every interview and have full transcripts of the hours and hours of all 120 dinners to date).

Malachi was also charming and a great host; it was my 30th birthday the day of the interview, and Malachi and his girlfriend toasted me with many cocktails and a small cake that the girlfriend went out to buy while the interview was ongoing.

While we chatted and ate, Malachi told me that he was writing a book about his experiences in porn and escorting. He was getting some shade online about taking so long to write it, and some people suggested he would never finish it. Initially Malachi asked me to help him with pulling it together, but I live in DC and didn’t think it’d be an easy process. However, I did put him in touch with another dining stranger that I’d meet the very next day — the editor of a site covering gay porn (you can probably see it was quite a gay trip to Cali that summer). They worked on it for a while, but alas one day Malachi disappeared. It seemed he’d finally left the business behind. And the critics were right, the book was never written.

I haven’t heard from Malachi since then, although a few quick Google searches tell me that over the last few years he’s made the occasional return to shoot some more gay porn scenes. But the last time seems to have been several years ago, so perhaps Mr. Marx has finally retired for good.

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