Throwback Thursday 25: Weaver Ward One

The 25th Throwback Thursday is my interview back in October 2010 with former District council candidate Bryan Weaver. He was born in Oregon but is a long-time resident of DC, and spoke about why he loves the city and its residents so much and how he got involved in politics.

He also founded Hoops Sagrado, which “gives at-risk youth from the D.C.-area a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend a month during the summer in the highlands of Guatemala learning another language and culture, teaching their Mayan indigenous peers basketball skills, developing their sense of self, and gaining a new perspective on life.”

We met at the excellent Marvin, which I’m happy to report is still thriving. Bryan didn’t win his bid for a city council seat, but he still lives in DC, and has grown quite the impressive beard — something he threatened to do in the interview and that has come to very bushy fruition.

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