Interview 122: Dining With Adult Model DeAngelo Jackson

Gay adult model DeAngelo Jackson lost his virginity on screen during his first-ever sex video when he was 22. Ten years later he’s still in the porn industry, building a fanbase of thousands with his work for studios and the more recent sites like OnlyFans where he can make his own videos and sell them direct to customers. He also does public appearances at bars and clubs, so his fans can meet him in person. I quizzed DeAngelo about all of this and much more when we met for the 122nd dinner interview in New York last month.

I’ve interviewed two gay porn models before; the first interview in July 2010 was with Malachi Marx. At the time he was a gay for pay porn star, a man who identifies as straight but who found a lucrative career having sex on screen with other men. Almost exactly two years later I met Antonio Biagga, who’s gay on screen and off, who spoke far more positively about the industry than Malachi.

Seven years since that last interview, I was curious about how the market for gay porn has evolved. Are studios still viable in an era of video sharing sites? How do performers make enough to live comfortably? And is it more viable now for a porn actor to cross over to mainstream entertainment?

DeAngelo, a self-described introvert, gamely answered all of my questions over lunch at the Blue Dog in Manhattan during World Pride. To reveal his answers click on the picture of us above, or on this link, to read my interview with him.

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