Book A Dinner (Now With Working Link!)

Want to be featured on Dining With Strangers? I’d love to hear your life story. Join me for a meal (I pay) at a restaurant (you choose) and let me interview you while we enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner — or even just coffee and a snack.

The form to book a dinner with me has now been fixed after being broken for quite some time, mostly due to my technological mishaps. But it’s back and working, so please head over to the Book A Dinner page to get in touch.

I’ve interviewed 122 strangers since 2008, meeting a diverse mix of people from well-known public figures like actress Jane Lynch, journalist Eleanor Clift and former New York City Mayor Ed Koch to people with interesting careers like an Abraham Lincoln impersonator and the owner of a wine company. I’m always looking to meet new strangers across the United States and overseas, so fill out the form and share your story!

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