Throwback Thursday 34: Florida’s Funambulist

Side note before today’s throwback: Apologies for not uploading a dinner interview since my June lunch in New York with adult model DeAngelo Jackson, but I *finally* sat down with a stranger for the 123rd interview last week and the 124th will be happening next week. They’ll be online later this month.

Anyway, the 34th Throwback Thursday is my July 2011 lunch in Key West with Will Soto — gymnast, personal trainer and tightrope walker (funambulist). For years he’s performed at the Mallory Square pier with a routine that starts out with light juggling and ends with an incredible tightrope walk by the water, captivating crowds of locals and tourist alike with his talent and humor.

He’s just as charming and wisecracking when not performing, keeping me entertained throughout our lunch at Salute! On The Beach. He shared the story of how he ended up in Key West; arriving hungover in the back of a pickup truck. He was planning to stay for a short while and enjoy the sunshine. He never left, and spoke lovingly about the island.

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