Throwback Thursday 37: The Doctor Is In

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Now back to the regularly scheduled Throwback Thursday. The 37th dinner with a stranger took place in September 2011 at La Canela in Rockville, Maryland. That’s where I met clinical psychologist Dr. Andrea Bonoir. I found out about her through her “Baggage Check” advice column that runs in the Express newspaper — the free publication that, until it was shut down recently, was given out free by the Washington Post weekdays in DC. Curious about her profession and eager to test some of the common assumptions about it, I invited her to dinner to talk about her career. She told me she didn’t initially yearn to be a psychologist, but came to love it.

One thought on “Throwback Thursday 37: The Doctor Is In

  1. Joan Davidson Enoch Reply

    I am 77 and I’ve been watching and loving people since I was a small child sitting in my parents car, on Main Street in Memphis, while they shopped in Woolworths. I’ve been placing myself in restaurants, on hills at festivals, on outside benches in shopping centers, malls or vacation spots, in the back of churches, meetings, movie theaters, etc, so I’m in positions to watch people.

    From experience, I know it is easy to start a conversation with most people with an offer of help, a compliment, a witty remark, a request for help, a joke about myself, a simple question spoken to a person near me. Amazing what one can learn from perfect strangers but you know that.

    Often when I came home and shared a conversation, my husband said “Why do all these people tell you all these things?”. It is amazing what one can learn from strangers, isn’t it?. But you know that. I’m going to follow you and your writings, especially now that I am unable to be out much.

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