Throwback Thursday 48: Life And O’Death

Several interviews are in the works (I’m transcribing the 129th dinner and have two lined up for my trip to Atlanta this weekend) so come back soon to read those. In the meantime, here’s the 48th Throwback Thursday feature.

In February 2013 I traveled to New York to meet goth country musician David Rogers-Berry of the band O’Death. We got brunch in Brooklyn, where he talked about his career, his struggle with bone cancer, and more.

David was a quiet but interesting guy. I was put in touch with him by another stranger, Katelan Foisy. Sometimes it’s helpful to have someone I’ve interviewed put in a good word for me when trying to organize another dinner, because not everyone is won over by the idea initially.

I didn’t keep in touch with David after our brunch, but I see from O’Death’s site that his band is still churning out songs and actively touring

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