Interview 130: Dinner With Queer Content Creator Adrian

The phrase “one-of-a-kind” is used far too often to describe people, but it’s a precise way to describe the outgoing, creative, joyful and thoughtful Adrian (he goes by only his first name). He’s a 26-year-old content creator based in Atlanta who makes a living through podcasts, YouTube videos, online writing, speeches and more through which he talks about everything from popular memes to the news of the day. The unifying theme he aims for is providing a safe space for queer black people like him and others who agree with some of the things he has to say.

It’s a strategy that’s paying off, as creating and speaking his mind is Adrian’s full-time career, as he told me during the 130th dinner with a stranger when we met in February (before social distancing took effect). I’d seen his work from some retweets by mutuals on Twitter, and was fascinated by his success in making a life out of content creation at such a comparatively young age.

I wanted to quiz Adrian all about his life story and how he got into speaking his mind for a living, and reached out for an interview to coincide with a planned trip to Atlanta. He agreed to it, and we made a few weeks ago for a very enjoyable dinner — click here to discover Adrian and his plans for the future.

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