Throwback Thursday 62: How To Get To Sesame Street

A new interview is coming Tuesday — although it was done in February, pre-social distancing and stay at home orders. I have that interview and another from February still to post, and am doing so slowly because I don’t know when I’ll dine with a stranger next.

Until next week, here’s the 62nd Throwback Thursday; my July 2014 trip to New York City to meet Melissa Creighton, the Jim Henson Creature Shop’s production manager. We toured the shop (and I got to meet some Sesame Street characters) before lunch at COFFEED where Melissa told me about her life in puppetry. She didn’t always want to be a puppeteer, but during the interview Melissa told me what first sparked her love of puppetry, and how she ended up working for the company behind Sesame Street’s puppets.

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