Interview 131: Dinner With Soul Food Chef Deborah VanTrece

Back in February, before social distancing, I visited Atlanta for three dinner interviews — including today’s update, the 131st interview, featuring Chef Deborah VanTrece who owns the Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours. Her goal is to reinvent what people think of soul food, and based off the accolades she’s racked up over the years, it’s clear she’s creating something special.

I’m spacing out the last trio of interviews because I’m not sure how many months it will be before I can dine with another stranger. And even though they took place in February, all three cover relatively timeless topics. However, it’d be bizarre for me to post an interview with a restaurant owner without acknowledging the coronavirus pandemic. It appears that in the weeks since the COVID-19 stay at home orders, Deborah is still offering a limited menu on some days of the week for delivery or takeout only. And it looks like she is planning a Saturday takeout pop-up soon. If you’re in Atlanta, consider helping out by ordering from Twisted Soul. Hopefully once the pandemic is over, Twisted Soul can reopen in full and I can plan a journey down there to enjoy more of Deborah’s great menu.

And if you read my interview with her, I think you’ll enjoy learning about the history behind her restaurant. It’s a great insight into how she devised her wonderful menu, and I’m hoping to chat with Deborah (remotely) soon to hear her plans for the future, so stay tuned for that post.

To read the 131st dinner with a stranger, click on this link or on the picture of Deborah and me above. The interview details my night sitting at a prime table in her incredibly popular restaurant as we ate and drank while I learned about her life story and chosen career. Deborah was amazing company, funny and friendly, and the food was outstanding.


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