Revolution Software Releases ‘Beyond A Steel Sky’

Revolution Software recently released its latest game, Beyond A Steel Sky, which is a sequel to Beneath A Steel Sky, an adventure game issued in 1994 about a man trying to uncover terrible secrets in a dystopian metropolis that became a cult classic. The sequel is also an adventure and is described by the company as a “dramatic, humorous, cyberpunk thriller.”

Charles Cecil, the co-founder of Revolution Software, talked about the then-pending release of the sequel when I met him in York, England, back in January for the 128th dinner with a stranger. He said the last few months of developing Beyond A Steel Sky meant he was working non-stop, and told me his work-life balance was “pretty bad,” leaving him minimal time for his hobbies such as rowing or traveling to conduct research for his games. But he added, “I’ve got no complaints.”

On June 26, Revolution Software announced the formal release of the sequel with this description:

“You are Robert Foster. A child has been abducted in a brutal attack. You have vowed to bring him home. But the trail has led you from your community of desert wasteland dwellers, to Union City, one of the last remaining mega-cities in a world ravaged by shattering wars, and political meltdown. Fortified and impenetrable, it is a utopia in which people live happily under the surveillance and control of a benign AI. But all is far from what it seems…”

Hopefully Charles gets a chance to relax now that the game is out and scoring positive reviews.

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