Throwback Thursday 67: Brobson’s Big Easy

The 67th Throwback Thursday is my October 2014 dinner with decades-long French Quarter resident Dr. Brobson Lutz at the landmark Galatoire’s Restaurant in New Orleans talking about the city’s history, his medical career, Hurricane Katrina, being a graphic novel character and much more.

I’m still in touch with Brobson and had a brief chat with him by phone the other week; he seems to be doing well and still enjoying life in the Big Easy. And he was recently in the new limited run documentary series, “The Pharmacist,” which starts with a father’s attempt to solve his son’s murder and evolves into a critique of Purdue Pharma and the OxyContin opioid crisis in the United States. Brobson in the show talks about how the Purdue representatives would come into his medical practice on a regular basis and try to sell the doctor on the alleged miracles possible with the drug. “Almost like car salesmen” he says in the third episode.

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