What Are The Best NFL Dining Options?

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A trip to see an NFL game is a treat for the senses, with the chance to try some great food being one of the highlights for many fans. While the COVID-19 pandemic means the 2020 season will be played behind closed doors, or with small crowds in some cases, now is a good moment to look forward to what we can dine on at home or in the future when watching games.

Dining At Home? Smoked Brisket Sandwiches

A good place to start is looking at the most popular delivery options on football game days, which is sure to be an option many fans will choose this season. In 2019, a study by the Grubhub delivery service found that smoked brisket sandwiches were the items that most rose in popularity when NFL games were on.

Next on the list were cheeseburger empanadas, pepper burgers, and then roasted chicken. The results also varied by region, with football fans in the Midwest preferring chicken shawarma sandwiches, while those in the Northeast order salmon avocado rolls more than anything else.

The results of this study also looked at the states and other areas where most food is ordered on the days of big NFL games. The leader in this respect was Washington, D.C., followed by Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and then Massachusetts.

The Fan First Menu At The Atlanta Falcons’ Stadium

If you visit the Mercedes-Benz Stadium to see the Atlanta Falcons, then you are in some for dining treats. This season, their games will be behind closed doors, with crowd noises from previous games used to add some extra atmosphere.

Once things return to normal post-pandemic and crowds are allowed back into the NFL and other sports, it is hoped that their Fans First menu remains in place here. This sparkling new stadium is well-regarded in terms of offering one of the best game experiences, but for many fans it is the food that sets it apart.

Barbecue Pulled Pork Nachos At The Carolina Panthers’ Stadium

A trip to the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina, is another excuse to eat great food as you watch the action. Like other NFL teams, they can try to make up for the lack of crowds with piped-in sounds of up to 70 decibels this seasons, leading them to move their offensive huddle back to avoid the rival team over-hearing their strategies.

For the stadium’s food options, their famous pulled pork is a real winner that we can look forward to sampling again as soon as possible. It is served on a plate of nachos for an interesting combination that is sure to be highly sought after when crowds are allowed back in again.

Home Recipe Ideas

You will find plenty of recipes on the internet for making your own meals and snacks for enjoying while watching football game. Many of them feature NFL classics like wings, burgers, and nachos. Yet, there are also many other options that you might never have thought of.

If you want to see the action with something that is tasty and healthy, you could look at the likes of grilled chicken skewers, cauliflower pizza bites, and zucchini bites. If you watch a lot of football, then it is worth trying something different every time.

Get The NFL Food That Suits Your Mood

As the guide above shows, there are several ways of enjoying tasty food while you watch NFL games. Whether you plan to visit the stadiums or eat at home while watching a game you should get a menu to suit your mood and the occasion.

Having the ideal food nearby adds hugely to the atmosphere of watching an NFL game even if it’s done remotely, and to the pleasure that you get from watching these games. And for the best NFL betting advice visit BetAmerica.com.

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