Steve Hayes Exposes Movie Dubbing Secrets

Steve Hayes (dinner interviewee 118) will be co-hosting an online event on Sunday December 13 at 8pm where he promises to reveal the secrets of dubbing voiceovers throughout Hollywood’s history. Steve is the creator of the YouTube series “Tired Old Queen at the Movies” where he adlibs for about five to 10 minutes talking about classic movies, and he is an enthusiastic expert on the topic.

That’s why it’ll be worth tuning in to next week’s event when Steve, dubbing expert Mark Milano along with actor and artist Charles Busch will “spill the dirt on what went down in the dubbing wars on some of the most famous musicals ever filmed,” according to the registration page.

Here’s more about the upcoming online event: “Ever wonder who was dubbed in Hollywood musicals and why they didn’t sing themselves? You may know that Natalie Wood was dubbed by Marni Nixon in West Side Story but did you know that she first recorded the entire score herself? We got her recording from a private collector, along with other one-of-a-kind treasures like Rosalind Russell’s real voice in Gypsy and Christopher Plummer’s own voice in The Sound of Music.”

It’s free to attend and after you sign up you’ll get a YouTube link to the event.

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