Happy New Year (And Still Nothing To See Here Yet)

Happy 2022! Thank you to everyone who keeps checking on this site or stumbles upon it.

Sadly, the dinner interviews are still on hold due to a number of complications (new job, old pandemic, and more) but hopefully one day I’ll get to finally do the 132nd meal with a stranger, and then then 133rd, and so on. Please keep applications for interviews coming, because my goal is to eventually resume meeting complete randoms for dinner and them quizzing them all about their life stories. I am keeping a list of all of the people that (1) have emailed wanting to be interviewed and (2) that I think are interesting and want to interview.

I’ll resume posting some throwback interviews starting next week, along with short items on what past interviewees are now doing with their lives (including an exciting run for state legislature, being involved with a massive Netflix hit, and more).

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