Jim Piddock Caught With His Pants Down

Actor/writer Jim Piddock, star of almost countless plays, television shows and movies — including Christopher Guest’s “Best In Show” — is baring all. In his new autobiography, “Caught with My Pants Down”, he dishes on his lengthy career and journey from England to Hollywood.

Jim was the second interview on Dining With Strangers, far back in November 2008. We met in Sherman Oaks, California, to discuss his long career. It’s one of the dinner features I’d redo if possible, because Jim is a natural and hilarious storyteller, and the article didn’t do his life story justice. Thankfully, his book does that job (I highly recommend the audiobook version that Jim narrates, it’s a great listen).

You can learn more about the book on Jim’s website, which has links for ordering print, electronic and audio versions.

For more than four decades, Jim Piddock has navigated the turbulent waters of Broadway and Hollywood as an actor and a writer. In this highly entertaining and witty account of his journey from a small village in England to the heady heights of the Hollywood Hills, he pulls back the curtain-with remarkable honesty and humor – to reveal what really goes on behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.


But underneath this lighthearted, irreverent romp through the world of show business-and Jim’s involvement with Crystal Palace Football Club in his spare time-lie some deeper reflections and the incisive conclusions on what the real meaning of family is, how to make destiny-defining choices, and the importance of living life to the fullest.

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