Canadian Bacon (And Poutine)

That’s a photo of a particularly dreary Friday in Montreal.

Flew back on Sunday from a long weekend in the Canadian city, and boy are my arms tired. Ho ho. I was up there for a wedding on Saturday, giving me roughly a day-and-a-half to explore the city and its various culinary offerings.

This post is dedicated to something I tried for the first time in Canada: poutine. It’s an incredibly simple dish of fries, gravy and cheese curds, and it’s also incredibly delicious.

The first place I tried poutine was at La Terrasse, a generic bar in the Old Montreal neighborhood. Not much to write home about on the bar itself, but the poutine was tremendous. Knowing my greediness and simple tastes, I should have expected a cheese-fries-gravy combination to win me over, and it did just that.

Because I’m a glutton, I had another helping of poutine the next day at Nickels, which is apparently a Canadian chain of restaurants gussied up to look like 1950s American diners. Nickels has a menu dedicated to poutine with all manner of optional additions. My housemate and I split a regular order of the poutine with bacon.

Wise choice. The regular was enough to feed several people. I dread to think what the large portion would have looked like. The crisp bacon was a nice touch on top of the three basic components, and I ate far too much of it.

Probably a good thing I have no plans to return to Canada anytime soon, otherwise I’ll have to start buying larger-size trousers.

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