Throwback Thursday 1: My Dinner With Joseph

Last January on the Dining With Strangers Facebook page and Twitter, I started posting the old dinner interviews in order every Thursday for (you’ve probably guessed) Throwback Thursday. To get the site itself updated more frequently, I’m starting the feature here. Click here for the very first meal, with my friend Joe Matar talking about the launch of the site. Some things to note from the archives:

1. The writing quality in the early pieces isn’t great
B. My hair has a lot more gray in it now

I’m still friends with Joe, so hooray for that.

Also, this lunch was at the Spotted Pig in New York where neither of us particularly cared for the food. And a quick Google News search for the restaurant underscores that I’ll not be wandering through its doors again.

I’ll post the throwbacks in sequential order every Thursday — but if you want more up-to-date dinner interview callbacks, and to do a nice gesture, go ahead and follow me on Facebook/Twitter where I’m in the 50s for this feature.

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