Throwback Thursday 2: Funny Man, Funny Man-Date

Here’s the second Throwback Thursday; my November 2008 interview with actor and writer Jim Piddock.

He’s well known for his role alongside comedy icon Fred Willard as the commentators at the dog show in Christopher Guest’s fake documentary Best In Show. But Jim’s career started many years before that role, as he told me over a highly enjoyable dinner at the French bistro Mistral in Sherman Oaks, California. The food was fantastic and Jim was a great conversationalist, and I enjoyed hearing about his past, present and future acting and writing projects.

This is one interview I wish I could redo, as Jim has a fantastic life story and is great fun. For a do-over I’d write a much more in-depth piece about him. I was still a long way from settling on a writing style and length for these pieces.

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