Throwback Thursday 18: The Many Lives Of Mary Ann

The 18th Throwback Thursday is my April 2010 lunch in Providence, Rhode Island, with Mary Ann Sorrentino to talk about her many careers. She’s worked in medical care, been a local radio show host and columnist, and was an abortion rights advocate while serving as head of the state’s Planned Parenthood. For that latter role she was excommunicated from the Catholic Church in 1986. We had a lot to talk about, and it made for a lengthy interview.

I first saw Mary Ann in “Taking On The Kennedys,” a 1996 documentary film about Rhode Island Democratic Rep. Patrick Kennedy’s first run for Congress. She was hosting her radio show at the time and stole every scene was in with her strong sense of humor, weighing in on the race with humorous commentary. When we met at the Italian restaurant Mediterraneo for Saturday lunch, I was happy to discover she’s even funnier in person.

Mary Ann is still active on social media and we keep in occasional touch. I’m pleased to report her opinions and humor both remain as robust as when we met eight years ago.

As for Mediterraneo, it closed in 2015.

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