Throwback Thursday 29: An Audience With The Lincolns

What inspires someone to craft a career being an Abraham Lincoln impersonator? Being as tall as Honest Abe and having his beard are big assists, as Michael Krebs told me during a dinner interview in February 2011 along with Debra Miller, who performs with Michael as Mary Todd Lincoln.

In this interview, the 29th Throwback Thursday, the duo spoke with me about their unusual lives performing as a presidential couple. Through their business With Lincoln Productions they perform at schools, military bases, theaters, and many other venues. I saw their show while they were in DC, and it’s a great time.

Michael and Debra live in Chicago; I enjoyed a reunion lunch with Debra a couple of years ago, and am still in touch with Michael. They’re both still enjoying life as the Lincolns.

Meanwhile, the Phillips Seafood restaurant where we at in Southwest DC has, sadly, since closed down.

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