Thank You Baked Potato

British actor/comedian/writer Matt Lucas is singing his way toward raising £1 million for the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and to provide 6,000 meals every day into London hospitals for critical care staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. He’s doing so with his quirky song “Thank You Baked Potato,” in which he praises a baked potato for giving him crucial tips on social distancing and staying safe from the virus. And as part of that campaign he’s teaming up with various entertainers to do duets — including former Dining With Strangers interviewee Lorraine Bowen.



Lorraine, the 47th stranger, has her own special brand of offbeat songs, so the collaboration is an obvious one. Give their joyful tune a listen, and then consider bouncing over to the official “Thank You Baked Potato” website to buy the song, or other fundraising goodies including a book based on the tune, and a baked potato toy (the latter was a must-buy for me).

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