Medium Rare Expands To New Orleans

Medium Rare, which has three restaurants in the Washington, D.C., area, is expanding to New Orleans.

As WTOP reports, Medium Rare recently opened a venue in the Crescent City featuring its unique, and very brief, menu of bread and butter, house salad and steak frites, with a secret sauce that keeps many people coming back for more.

The company was the topic of the 113th Dining With Strangers interview — in November 2018, I met Medium Rare’s co-owner Mark Bucher for a dinner interview at the company’s Arlington, Virginia, location. He shared the story of how he took a menu with just a handful of items and turned that simplicity into business success.

At the time, I asked Mark about a potential Medium Rare expansion. He said there were no specific plans at that moment, but ran through a list of candidate cities including Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte and Philadelphia. “We’re always looking for the next one, the next city,” he said with a smile.

Now that Medium Rare has opened in New Orleans, perhaps venues in those other cities may be next.

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