Rest In Peace Burt Young

Actor Burt Young, perhaps best known for his recurring role as Paulie in the Rocky movie series, has died at 83.

I had the incredible honor of meeting Burt for a very enjoyable afternoon in October 2011 for the 39th dinner interview. We met at his apartment in Port Washington, New York, and the day started with him showing off his painting studio. Not only was Burt an Oscar-nominated actor (for his first appearance as Paulie in the original Rocky movie) but also a talented painter, along with being a skilled writer and doting father.

After the studio tour, we went for lunch at Louie’s Oyster Bar & Grille nearby — one of his regular hangouts. For two hours we spoke about his life, career and much more, with plenty of laughs and expertly told stories about working in film and television. A cherished afternoon, and I’m grateful to have spent just a little time with this complex, charismatic and gregarious man.

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