Interview 110: Dinner With Demetrius Harmon

Demetrius Harmon calls himself a “normal” 20-year-old. On a regular day, he wakes up, calls his friends, plays the video game Fortnite, he might make the occasional YouTube video or get on Twitter to share his thoughts. Pretty normal.

Except he has more than a million people listening to him.

He found online fame making skits on the video app Vine, but there’s much more to him. He’s taken the fame he developed through comedy and is using that to spread a positive message, opening up about his battles with depression with the hope that it could help others struggling.

Over a fried chicken dinner in Los Angeles, Demetrius shared his story so far, what he’s learned from becoming famous online, and how he plans to keep helping others through an ever-growing range of interests that covers everything from poetry to television, as well as a clothing line and some modeling work.

Click on his picture above, or on this link, to read the interview.

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