Interview 115: Discussing DC Central Kitchen

Next month, the DC Central Kitchen will mark 30 years of taking donated wasted food and turning it into meals for the homeless and non-profits. That’s just one of many services the organization offers, such as a culinary training program for jobless adults so they can get work and “leave hunger behind.”

The Kitchen’s Chief Executive Officer Mike Curtin told me about its long-running work in the District, chatting over breakfast at Unconventional Diner. During the hour we spent together I’d learn that he sees his current role as the culmination of his many varied life experiences; from his religious education background to years working Japan and then back in the States running a restaurant.

Mike was great company and a wonderful conversationalist. I discovered plenty about the Kitchen that I didn’t know, and he shared some of the plans for how the organization will mark three decades next month, among other tidbits.
Click on Mike’s picture above, or on this link, to read the interview.

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