Interview 126: Finding Out About FishScale

Here’s the 126th dinner interview!

A few years ago, chef Brandon Williams was at a cookout and trying to think of something to make for his pescatarian mother. Instead of doing the typical baked or fried fish, he decided to turn high quality fish into patties and serve them up as grilled fish burgers. The food was an instant hit — so popular his mother almost didn’t get to try one. Brandon eventually decided to open his own restaurant selling the novel burgers.

Recently I had the chance to visit their restaurant FishScale, located in DC’s Shaw neighborhood. I spent an enjoyable hour chatting with Brandon and his sister Kristal, who quit her job as a clinical pharmacist to help realize her brother’s dream. They spoke about the drive behind launching FishScale, their experiences at the two year mark, and their plans for the future.

Click on the picture on me and the Williams siblings above to read the interview, or on this link.

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