Help Mark Bucher Fill The Fridge

Mark Bucher, one of the founders of DC-based steak frites restaurant chain Medium Rare and a former Dining With Strangers interviewee, is launching a new campaign called Fill The Fridge to provide school lunches to communities throughout the District.

“We will be providing 1000’s of refrigerators filled daily with fresh and free school lunches at area public schools, recreation centers, fire and EMS facilities and police stations. Help us spread the word,” says a GoFundMe page for the effort.

WUSA had a story on the project and here’s a snippet from their report:

Bucher’s idea to connect people experiencing food insecurity with restaurants in need of customers started taking shape last spring, when older adults were asked to stay home to protect themselves from the virus. With his own elderly father in mind, he decided to take action.


“I just put a tweet out,” Bucher said. “I said anyone who knows of anyone over the age of 70, who’s home alone that needs a hot meal, let Medium Rare know, and we will deliver them a steak dinner for free… And the requests started coming in.”

With the help of volunteer drivers, Medium Rare began delivering meals to older adults in the D.C. area. Then, they started getting phone calls from public schools.


“I said, you know, I want to do this for elementary school kids,” Bucher said.

Mark’s reference to the free meals for anyone aged 70 or over refers to his previous generous work in providing free steak frites dinners to the elderly during the coronavirus pandemic. Both that effort and the new Fill The Fridge campaign are examples of the type of kind and generous person Mark came across as when I met him for the 114th dinner interview in November 2018.

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  1. walta belai Reply

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