Dining With Strangers Still On Hold

Apologies for the dearth of updates since March, but Dining With Strangers is still on hold.

At the start of the pandemic, I suspended my project of meeting strangers for meals at restaurants to interview them about their life stories — an idea at odds with lockdowns and social distancing. And since then I’ve had a number of life changes that are requiring more of my free time than I could spare before. So there are no new interviews pending yet, but do keep checking back because perhaps one day I’ll get to do the 132nd interview and more. There are several very interesting strangers already penciled in for me to meet whenever that might happen.

I’ll sporadically be making some shorter updates featuring news about exciting projects in the works from some of the 131 strangers that I have interviewed since launching this website back in 2008, and there are many thousands of words to learn about them by browsing the archive of dinner interviews.

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