Podcast #9

My interview with blogger Dan Silverman was the first dinner with a stranger I ever did in DC. It was also in March 2009. It’s so dated that the restaurant we ate at has since closed. Nevertheless, today you get a podcast of it. [display_podcast] Normally I’d follow up the years-old interview with a Where[…]

Podcast #8

Following Tuesday’s podcast of my interview with Benjamin Franklin impersonator Ralph Archbold in Philadelphia more than two years ago, here’s a Where Are They Now? podcast providing an update on what he’s doing these days. [display_podcast] Meanwhile, one week from now I’ll be flying to Montreal, Canada. I don’t have much free time because it’s[…]

Podcast #7

What inspires someone to dress up as Benjamin Franklin and impersonate the Founding Father (some Brits might say traitor, but I won’t dwell on relatively ancient history)? Find out with today’s podcast, my interview with Ralph Archbold. He’s been impersonating Franklin for years and made quite the career out of it. [display_podcast] In the time[…]

A Vote For Mary Ann

Roughly one year ago I had an enjoyable brunch in Providence, Rhode Island, with Mary Ann Sorrentino — abortion rights activist, radio show host, and now a columnist for various newspapers and websites. She emailed to say that one of her articles, “Professional Women,” has been nominated as one of six candidates for inclusion in[…]

Podcast #6

Huzzah, another Where Are They Now? podcast. Today you can listen to my recent brief chat with Margarita Pracatan, finding out what the Cuban singer has been up to following my interview with her. [display_podcast] Hopefully I’ll have a new interview taking place on Sunday night, but given my procrastinating nature it’ll be a little[…]

Podcast #5

My dinner with Cuban singer Margarita Pracatan is now available as a podcast. [display_podcast] A word of caution before you hit “play” above. The interview ended with Margarita and me taking a stab at singing some karaoke staples (“New York, New York” and “Take A Chance On Me”) and sound clips of both efforts round[…]

Praise For The Bulldog

A few weeks ago I wrote mini reviews of some New Orleans dining spots that my friends and I visited during our recent trip to the Big Easy. Turns out my pea-sized brain was not functioning on all cylinders, because I forgot one place. The Bulldog, on Magazine Street in the city’s Garden District neighborhood,[…]

Seeking New Strangers

A quick shout-out for new strangers to book dinners. I’ve got a couple of interviews coming up in Washington, DC, later this month but am always looking for new people to interview. But you don’t necessarily need to live in DC to go to dinner with me. Later in May I’ll be in Montreal and[…]

Podcast #4

Today’s Where Are They Now? podcast catches up with Jim Piddock. Actor/writer/Brit Jim now lives in Los Angeles. I interviewed him in 2008 during a visit to California, and you can read the article or listen to a podcast of it. More than two years later, what has Jim been up to? Click on the[…]