Steve Hayes Is So Inclined

Visiting New York for World Pride? Want something fun to do on Friday June 28? Buy a ticket for the one man show “Steve Hayes Is So Inclined,” taking place at 7pm. Steve, the 118th stranger featured on this site, is the host of the
YouTube series “Tired Old Queen at the Movies” where he shares his love and encyclopedic knowledge of cinema. He does so with witty remarks and fun personality; both were just as evident when we met for lunch in March.

Here’s the description of the show: “A comic look at life through various monologues and anecdotes that have been observed and/ or survived by Steve Hayes and certain individuals who wish to be nameless so I’ll ignore them.”

Steve is performing at Pangea at 178 Second Avenue, and tickets cost $20 online in advance, or $25 cash on the door. I’ve already bought mine and look forward to reuniting with Steve later this week.

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