See Brobson Lutz In Netflix’s ‘The Pharmacist’

Netflix has released a new limited run documentary series, “The Pharmacist,” which starts with a father’s attempt to solve his son’s murder and evolves into a critique of Purdue Pharma and the OxyContin opioid crisis in the United States. Among those interviewed in the documentary is New Orleans Dr. Brobson Lutz, who talks about how the Purdue representatives would come into his practice on a regular basis and try to sell the doctor on the miracles possible with the drug. “Almost like car salesmen” he says in the third episode.

The series is incredibly captivating and well worth a watch. I only found out about it because the other week in New York I reunited with Brobson, the 67th stranger featured on this site, for dinner while we were both visiting the city. Catching each other up on our lives, he mentioned he’d been filmed for a Netflix show and had yet to see it — but has already received hundreds of emails at his practice from people who have.

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