Medium Rare Delivering Seniors Free Steak Meals During The Coronavirus

Here’s a much-needed good news story: DC-based steak frites restaurant Medium Rare is offering free dinners to people aged over 70 in the District who are self-quarantining as a result of the coronavirus.

“The meal consists of steak, fries, salad, bread and desert free of charge during this pandemic,” according to WLJA, just one of several news outlets in the area with coverage of the restaurant’s kind offer.

If you know someone who could use this service, send Medium Rare a DM on Twitter or email co-owner Mark Bucher.

The restaurant’s gesture is not a surprise if you know Mark; I met him for the 114th dinner interview in November 2018 when he talked about launching the company that now has several locations in the DMV. He is a very kind man with a big heart, and it’s great to see his place helping out like this.

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